Discover Theory U

Today we talk a lot about new leadership, collective intelligence, and emerging future

How can we discover our deepest purpose?

How can we engage in our own creativity and at the same time draw from collective wisdom?

What are the new leadership capacities that we need to avoid to fall in the “same old” and reproduce the same results that we don’t want?

Theory U as a framework and process for profound transformation

Theory U is a methodology and a process of deep change that connects us to our profound source of creativity, both at the individual and collective level.
With the support of rich and diverse practices, Theory U can help us move away from past patterns and unwanted behaviors, and consciously connect to a source of profound purpose and to the new that wants to emerge.
It support us in our way to access higher levels of intelligence for authentically new actions.

For Who?

Are you engaged in:

Accessing deeper sources of creativity and generative change?

Being a change actor in a multi-stakeholder partnership?

Being a facilitator of collective intelligence?

Advancing your own project and your team to a higher level of performance?

Whether your are engaging in these challenges from different roles, as a manager, an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, a change agent, an innovation and transformation leader or coach, this workshop is for you!

What will you explore?

What will you learn and experience?

  • The leadership knowledge that matters most: self-knowledge
  • Practices to expand your presence, awareness and communication capacity
  • Core concepts of Theory U as a model for generative change and creativity in your environment
  • Methods and tools to sense and seize future and emerging opportunities
  • A methodology to translate your deepest purpose and broad ideas into prototypes
  • The connection with a community of creative actors and the sharing of a collaborative mindset in a group of peers

Providing you with fundamentals of the Theory U process, this workshop also prepares you to actively participate in the u.lab, a worldwide lab for co-creation, organized every year by the Presencing Institute. (link)

The facilitators

Trainer, facilitator, team coach. Actively working on community and team development at international and local level, stimulating collective intelligence and systems thinking in groups. Helping people uncover hidden mental models and designing transformational paths for capacity building in complex times. Using tools and practices for profound change like Theory U, generative collaboration, transformational narrative, and Deep Democracy.
Passionate about change, individual, organisational and societal. Creator of collaborative spaces (Hoffice Brussels). Founder of a personal development journey towards more meaning and motivation (Sense+). Active player in sustainability and ethical investments (Oikocredit). Facilitator, coach, change maker.

Practical Information

Individual: 320€
Organization or registration with an invoice: 450€ excl. VAT
Included in the fee are:
A workbook with a detailed description of tools and practices used during the workshop; Bibliography and webography references to support further your learning and practicing; Light refreshments during the course
Potluck lunch together on Saturday and Sunday.
December 13th, 18:30 – 21:30
December 14th and 15th, 9:00 – 17:00
Institute of Neurocognitivism
Avenue de Tervueren 81,
1040 Bruxelles
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